General Counseling

Mental Health – diagnosis and treatment

At Safe Haven Counseling Center (SHCC) our focus is on helping our clients reach their stated goals. In achieving this, we may ask our clients to complete measures beyond the initial intake packet. Our clinicians utilize the initial intake packet to begin developing a treatment plan draft. In our client’s first session, our clinicians use the information our client’s provide to solidify the treatment plan with our client. When our clients utilize insurance, then we also apply a diagnosis.

We are asked frequently at SHCC why a diagnosis is required for insurance. The primary purpose is to provide insurance with a basis for the need for services. However, we suggest to our clients that they not allow the diagnosis to impact daily life. A diagnosis is simply defined as “an identification or nature of an illness or other issue by examining the symptoms” (Oxford Dictionary).

At SHCC it is our goal to utilize the diagnosis and treatment for the purposes of helping our clients reach their goals. Our clinicians do not see any diagnosis and/or treatment process as a crutch or hurdle, but rather an opportunity for the client to learn more about themselves and continue their process of self-growth.