Preparing for counseling? What you need to know

Congratulations on making that first step to research, call, and schedule your first appointment for counseling. Now the next difficult step is to answer your phone when our clinician calls or signing in to your online link.

At Safe Haven Counseling Center (SHCC) our first session we will review the guidelines of confidentiality and SHCC’s Office Policies. Everything that you say will stay between you and your clinician, unless (1) you provide your clinician permission, (2) we are subpoenaed by court, (3) you are a minor being abused, (4) you are planning on hurting yourself, and/or (5) you are planning on hurting someone else. As I tell any of my clients, if any of these come up your clinician will talk about it with you extensively prior to making any notifications and you will be apart of all decisions. SHCC’s office policy is a request that appointments are cancelled at least 48 hours prior to your appointment. This allows your clinician to help you find a good time to reschedule and also allow those on our waiting list to come in sooner. There is a late fee of $70 for late cancellations and no-shows. This is reviewed in the first session as well. SHCC clinicians welcome your questions regarding confidentiality and office policies. 🙂

Typically the first session feels shorter because as clinicians, we do have to go over the confidentiality and office policies by law. Once we move past this and any questions, you and your clinician are able to begin discussing the issues that led you to seeking counseling. At SHCC our goal is to provide you with a “tool” that you are able to implement in-between sessions. Our clinicians also strive to schedule you on a regular weekly or bi-weekly schedule in order to help you reach your goals effectively.