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Our Team of Clinicians


Director of Counseling

Dr. Angela K. Waggoner


Dr. Waggoner is the founder of Safe Haven Counseling Center. She graduated from Liberty University in May of 2021 with her Ph.D. Read More

CSC, Life Coach

Sonya Wyche

Sonya Wyche is currently a Life Coach at Safe Haven Counseling Center. She is in the transition of acquiring the state licensing to be classified as an LPC-A. Read More


Christina Garcia

Christina Garcia is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Texas and will soon be certified in other coastal states. She is a graduate with a Master of Education. Read More


Debbie P

Debbie’s goal is to empower clients to make positive, lasting changes. Debbie earned a master’s degree from Liberty University in 2008 and a PhD Read More


Maricela Escamilla

Maricela is a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate. She holds a Master’s degree in Counseling from the University of Houston Clear Lake and a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Texas at San Antonio. Read More


Crystal Luvaul-Melzow 

I am a licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselor – Intern with Safe Haven Counseling Center. It is my goal to meet my clients where they are in a safe, secure, judgement free zone to help each one as they reach their individual goals Read More



Our clinicians are trained in the latest therapeutic techniques that are clinically-effective to help you reach your goals.


Focused Care

We provide counseling to individuals, families, couples, and groups. Although our care is tele-mental health, we focus our care on each individual their personal needs. SHCC’s clinicians tailor each client’s treatment plan to what you need so that you are able to reach your goals.



Our clinicians make it a priority to have every session HIPPA/PHI compliant. While the law provides guidelines we are required to follow, our clients are our top priority.



We suggest that clients set up appointments weekly or biweekly in order to build the therapeutic relationship, as well as the client’s ability to reach goals.


Why should you choose Our Clinic?

So many reasons to choose from



Treatment Modalities

Our clinicians are trained in EMDR, Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Spiritually-Based Counseling, Drug and Alcohol, and much more.


Marriage Counseling

Our primary goal is to assist families in staying together, however, there are times when this is not a reality for the couple. During these times, we are trained in divorce mediation to help you process through for the betterment of all parties, including your children.



We value working with our student clients. We encourage our students to learn communication skills in order to build a better relationship with the adults in their lives. As well as to learn skills that many of our adult clients would have been helpful to know when they were students.


I contacted Safe Haven Counseling Center because the clinicians were highly recommended for being caring, great with students, and excellent listeners.



When my spouse and I met with our clinician at Safe Haven Counseling, we were pleased to know that she did not side with either of us but rather mediated and assisted us in our communication skills. Our marriage is stronger today and we refer other couples because of the skills we learned.