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Safe Haven Counseling Center (SHCC) is a Tele-Mental Health Group Practice. SHCC provides a variety of support to help each client that reaches out to us. Three of our staff work full time in the local school systems and are able to bring that knowledge into their counseling with youth and their parents. Two of our staff has previous experience working in a drug rehabilitation center and are able to provide those specialty skills in helping client reach their particular goals. When you call our office, you will reach a friendly voice that will help to connect you to the right clinician. Each therapist has their own specialty. When you call our office or email, let us know a general idea of the issue(s) you are struggling with and we will connect you to the right clinician. At SHCC, our goal is to make you feel comfortable. Sometimes, tele-mental health can feel impersonal and distant. We strive to limit this through the use of an online platform. The first call or email is always the hardest step, but we invite you to reach out.