All you need to know about Tele-Mental Health

Since March of 2020, many clients are faced with the decision of Face-to-Face or Tele-Mental Health Counseling. A question that is asked of our office “is tele-mental health the same as face-to-face?” The short answer is yes and no. Ultimately, how tele-mental health benefits you will depend on the format.

Safe Haven Counseling Center (SHCC) offers an online format. The online format provides a HIPPA/PHI compliant approach. You are able to see your clinician and your clinician can see you. Many of our clients have enjoyed the online format as an exchange to the face-to-face. The other format is by phone. Phone is beneficial for those who may not have stable internet. It can also be used as a quality back-up plan.

Tele-mental health can provide the quality care that we have all come to expect from face-to-face. It really is a matter of personal preference and which approach will help you best reach your goals.