Crystal Luvaul-Melzow 


I am a licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselor – Intern with Safe Haven Counseling Center. It is my goal to meet my clients where they are in a safe, secure, judgement free zone to help each one as they reach their individual goals. I find that there are many situations that may lead a person into addictions, just as there are many paths into addictions, there are many paths that will help one overcome addictive behavior.

As my client begins their journey, we utilize self-reports, assessments, and measurements to help provide a basis and understanding around the addiction and addictive behavior. It is my belief that one cannot truly adjust until they fully understand personal triggers. Then using psychoeducation, which is a fancy way of educating why a trigger can be damaging, we will learn how to incorporate healthy coping skills to overcome our triggers.

I partner with my co-therapists to provide the best care for my clients when we discover a trigger may be tied to an issue that may need a licensed therapist. Overall, my goal is to work with individuals, families, and groups who are experiencing marital / relationship issues, family conflict, grief, loss, trauma, depression, anxiety, suicide ideation, and abuse due to addictions.